Companies and organizations are spending a lot of money on meetings, training, events, strategic planning sessions and field trips. For the investment being made the overall culture often remains stagnant and change initiatives feel like a poor return on investment.

Enter the barefoot facilitator – Rehana brings a fresh, new and authentic approach to assisting your company/ organisation realize your objectives. She can facilitate your event, design an experience that will be truly transformative for your team and work closely with you to realise the objectives that are important to you.

The unique nature of Rehana’s facilitation style is based on her combining her professional training in education with her community activism and the insights gained from being in city governance and an entrepreneur.

Rehana  is committed to:

  • Authentic Connection
  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Social and Environmental Justice
  • Respect for Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Lifelong learning through innovation, play and joy
  • Shhh – Soul,Heart,Head and Hands
  • Service from the heart


Designing, creating and facilitating experiences that ignite people within organisations to realise their potential, discover meaning and make a difference.


To create a service with global reach that focuses on personal, organisational and community transformation.