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In a time of disruption and uncertainty we are all being called to rethink the way we do things. The way in which we meet and exchange ideas, thoughts and perspectives is changing rapidly. There is a sense of urgency to find different ways of responding to the many challenges that confront people and planet.

Facilitation is the art of creating a safe space for participants, where they can be simultaneously vulnerable and courageous, where all voices and perspectives matter and where teams of people are supported to unleash their potential and address the issues that are most important to them.

The Barefoot Facilitator

At The Barefoot Facilitator, we know that you are the content expert in your field. What we offer is support for your content to be translated in creative and accessible ways to all participants. We can support you to ensure that your meeting, workshop, event, or project is designed with conscious intent to meet the objectives that you have set.

Our service is distinguished by the fact that we are a small company, committed to the success of our clients and partners. When we enter into a relationship with your organisation, we strive to ensure that you receive professional service, infused with creativity and that you actually get to enjoy not just the final product but the process of co-creation.

Our Values

When you do business with The Barefoot Facilitator, you are also contributing to the community where our home office is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Through the Nyuki Fund, we support a range of activities that are in service to humanity and the environment.

We select assignments that resonate with our values and are committed to:

Authentic Conversation

Celebration of Diversity

Social and Environmental Justice

Respect for Indigenous Knowledge Systems



Engaging Soul, Heart, Head and Hands….

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