July 8, 2014

Dear Rehana:

On behalf of the BSA, BSA president Emily Grandstaff-Rice and the community I want to thank you for your enlightening presentation about Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Johannesburg.  Your presentation was smart, informative and very relevant to our transportation series.  We appreciate the time you took to travel to Boston to share your experiences and insight.

It was fascinating to learn that under your leadership, Johannesburg embarked on establishing Africa’s first Bus Rapid Transit system—Rea Vaya—which is environmentally friendly and empowers communities and people from previously disempowered communities.  We learned that Rea Vaya is not only about transport, but also economic growth, poverty alleviation, restructuring apartheid cities, sustainable development and good governance.  Clearly, what you accomplished in Johannesburg is an extraordinary example of good planning and implementation that cities like Boston can learn from.

We surveyed the audience about your presentation and one of the comments was: “The content was fascinating and relevant to our city.  I left the lecture feeling hopeful about the future of Boston transportation.”  This kind of feedback tells us that our transportation program is hitting its mark and, through visionaries like you, Bostonians are challenged to think about the role that 21st century transportation can and should play in adapting to a new period of transformative change.

We look forward to an opportunity to collaborate with you in the future and would love to hear about your upcoming projects and successes.  Please stay in touch.

Thanks again.

Eric White
Executive Director

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