From Flow to Balance

By Rehana Moosajee


In 2020, we at The Barefoot Facilitator, fully embraced the notion of flow as shared in our Art of Flow publication. We are truly grateful for the opportunities that flow has brought us, with the ebbs and flows of trying to serve, people, place and planet in the midst of a global pandemic. For most of 2021, the current has felt strong and we have felt completely immersed in supporting the work of our partners and clients.

2021 has provided us with the opportunity to continue to hone our online and hybrid facilitation skills. Whether we have been working on once off assignments that last 3 to 4 hours or continued to support ongoing projects – we are deeply grateful for the opportunities we have had. One of our most exciting developments in 2021, was the added value that Faheemah’s creative spirit brought to what we could offer clients and partners. Working as a lead facilitator, creative content designer, mother/ daughter duo, from South Africa and Norway respectively, we have learnt a lot about ourselves, each other and the deep commitment of the people and organisations we have had the honour to work with.

Once again, we have felt blessed to be able to work with a vast array of partners. From the support work we have offered to the Presidential Employment Stimulus all the way through to working with the Early Childhood Development sector, every assignment has brought us deep joy and fulfilment. We have also had the opportunity to support the community of Slovo Park Informal settlement and do voluntary offerings like Breathing Together with Dr Ela Manga and the Vunja Party with Bayo and Geci!

In taking a pause to review our 2021, we have embraced flow but realised that the rocks and trees that sometimes cause the water to slow down also provide a purpose. Since the advent of Covid 19 in SA in March 2020, we at The Barefoot Facilitator, have doubled our efforts, to be in service to our partners and causes we care about. Our annual retreat, was an opportunity for us to reflect – whilst the journey has been really exciting and intense, in keeping with our own founding values, we are realising the need to restore balance.

Inordinately long hours, juggling multiple assignments simultaneously and far too much screen time have reminded us of the need for balance. As we embrace the values we weave into our offerings to clients and partners – the importance of silence, Shhh – Soul, Heart, Head and Hands, connecting to nature and ensuring enough time and space for all aspects of life – we invite balance to be epitomised in who we are and what we do.

As more South Africans get vaccinated, as we collectively reflect on the lessons we are learning from a virus that created a global pause, as so many we know are coming to terms with the loss of lives of loved ones or livelihoods – we are reminded of the temporary nature of this life, of the deep inequality and injustice that need re-balancing, of our disconnect from the elements of earth, air, water, fire and ether and the need to re-balance our relationship to planet. In seeking balance, we are aware of the need to balance being and doing, the inner and the outer, the joy of serving clients and partners with our own needs for rest and restoration.

We have loved the flow, but realise, that when the current is too intense, it’s ok to find the rocks to balance upon. As the stream of life with all its complexities continues to flow, we look forward to a 2022, in which we can balance giving our clients and partners our best, whilst also taking time for self, family, community and environment.

We look forward to embracing a year that moves us away from screens to the joy and energy of being in each other’s presence. As we look back on 2021, it is with deep gratitude and joy in our hearts, for the people we have worked with, the causes we have been able to serve and the hope that somewhere, somehow, we have touched a life, contributed to healing and joy and brought more authentic conversation and connection to the beautiful people we have had the honour of working with and alongside.