Rehana was invited by the Institute of Transport Development Policy (ITDP) and the Volvo Research and Educational Fund to deliver the keynote address at Mobilize 2016, which was held in Yichang, China from the 21 to 23 September 2016. The event brought together almost 180 academic researchers, transport technical practitioners and politicians from all continents under the theme: “Mid-size cities take the lead”.
Rehana’s participative address was titled: “Transport can Transform”.

Delegates were afforded the opportunity to go on site visits on the Yichang BRT, the Exhibition Centre – that hosts a full model of the future development plans for the city that included a 4-D cinema, green walkways and cycle paths. A welcome dinner hosted by the Mayor, visits to the scenic gorges and mountains and exposure to culture and music were all part of the experience.

All assembled were committed to the importance of people-centric transport and public space development. The richness of perspectives from across different contexts and experiences was truly appreciated by all.

Rehana’s keynote address elicited much positive feedback for both methodology and content – with many being moved to tears as they shared personal stories about transport in their lives.

Rehana and a few of the other delegates also had the opportunity to visit the Guanzhou BRT system whilst in China.

Rehana, Your contribution was emblematic. Thank you for coming all the way and sharing your story with us! 
Henrik Nolmark – VREF

Thank you so much for coming, Rehana! Your keynote reminded us all why we do what we do!  
Mobilize Organising Team

I was great honor of me to talk to you.  I am so impressed by your speech, and now I am going back to “why” regarding my projects.  Also, you reminded me an importance of passion. Now I aim  to bring transformation to the city of Vientiane together with the local people who really love the city.  
Shuji Kimura