Metropolis Strategic Meeting
2 Days of seminar in Barcelona on Metropolis activities with experts from Brussels, Montreal, Sydney, Johannesburg, Washington, Mexico City, Dakar, Mashhad, Montevideo, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, Guangzhou and with Metropolis and UCLG team.
Rich, dense debates on the future of metropolises, the role of states and international organizations vis-a-vis large metropolises, the tools to be developed at the service of metropolises, the partnerships to be developed. Great prospects for the global association of major metropolises

Rehana facilitated the Metropolis Strategic Meeting on 26 and 27 November in Barcelona. Once again the program was highly participative and engaging. From the Metropolis team organizing a cooking class to marketplace stalls and dynamic engagement- participants contributed a lot to shape Metropolis at service to its members going forward.