Voluntary Service on Boards:

Rehana was approached to serve on the board of The Institute of Transportation and Development Policy, a global organization with a presence on five continents.

Rehana is a founding member of the board of Play Africa a non profit organization committed to the right of every child to play in a safe and nurturing environment

Rehana previously served as a board member at ACC based at the University of Cape Town

Giving Back to Community

The Nyuki fund has been created by The Barefoot Facilitator to support causes that resonate with our values and which are in the immediate vicinity of our home office.

Crosby I Care
Park Clean Up and Activation:
The Barefoot Facilitator has adopted the Sir Drummond Chaplin Park and is committed to keeping the park clean whilst creating an earning opportunity. We also host activation events at the park including Play In The Park for children from Slovo informal settlement. We are also looking to introduce skills development programs at the park

Mentorship and financial support to Slovo Community Youth Desk:

The Barefoot Facilitator has been mentoring and providing financial support to the team at the Slovo Community Youth Desk. Seeds and implements were donated to start a vegetable garden and we are in the process of creating a digital skills hub.


Champion Innovators
Rehana was invited by Ashraf Garda the Founder of Champion South Africa to be part of the Champion Innovators network

Rehana was featured in the first publication of the “ Remarkable Women In Transport ” commissioned by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative.