Project Description

Appointed as part of a joint venture, with Kaiser Economic Development Partners to support three cities in building partnerships that lead to inclusive growth. With the advent of Covid 19 the team has also been supporting facilitation of monthly city economic development managers forums hosted by the city support program at National Treasury.

I really enjoy the perspectives that you bring to our work – the deep participatory approach and techniques, the empathy and human touch, the pushing of boundaries and challenging ideas, the activist approach, your responsiveness and your amazing network and networking ability
Karen Harrison CSP ED Component Lead


It has been such a pleasure working with The Barefoot Facilitator on the World Bank and National Treasury partnering projects. Rehana always brings innovative approaches to the design and facilitation of sessions. She has huge amounts of compassion and always remembers who we are ultimately trying to benefit. We have learned a great deal from her and continue to do so. We look forward to working on many other projects together in the years ahead.
Rupert Barnard, Group Managing Director


Rehana and The Barefoot Facilitator have been a wonderful partner in our work over the past four years, bringing grounded process facilitation and a constant focus on remembering the people and humanity underpinning all our work. Rehana and the team have also rapidly adapted to the virtual process facilitation space, and continue to bring fresh and creative approaches to keeping people engaged and supporting deep mindset and behaviour change.
Michelle de Bruyn