Project Description

Appointed as a research associate supporting the SACN built environment integration task team and inclusive cities program. Within this body of work have contributed to the innovation of a creative game called Citopoly which in a fun and entertaining way provides insights into the growing disconnect from societal value inherent in many municipalities. The team also provides facilitation and visual interpretation support to healing fields, a monthly gathering to address the impact of woundedness on people, place and planet.

Working with the Barefoot Facilitator has provided a depth and richness to our style of engagement that has deeply defined our way of working. In this way, Rehana’s facilitation does so much more than facilitate engagement, but actually shapes the work itself, facilitating outcomes that are honest, reflective and instructive. The experience of working with the Barefoot Facilitator has allowed the team to grow in ways we could not have imagined. Apart from being a masterful facilitator, Rehana is also highly organised, professional and proactive. Her knowledge of the government space and development industry sets her apart from many facilitators, as she bridges the worlds of emotional and intellectual connection. Rehana has strong views that can sometime take the engagement in a direction that was not planned for. But trusting her and her process, I have found, has always led to deeply enriching outcomes and experiences. Apart from my professional relationship with her, she has impacted me on a personal and spiritual level too. Her daughter, Faheemah, also assists us with creative content and graphic harvesting. Her drawing and design skills are exceptional and she is professional and highly creative. She has complemented Rehana’s facilitation style beautifully. It has been an honour working so closely with the Barefoot Facilitator.
Kayla Brown, South African Cities Network