Reference to service excellence: REHANA MOOSAJEE


This is a reference to attest to the lasting value, excellence, innovation, integrity and high levels of personal commitment brought by Rehana Moosajee and her company, The Barefoot Facilitator, to the people and initiatives where they are involved in. The distinguishing factor is that Rehana and The Barefoot Facilitator not only leaves the project or event, but each participant and the world, with experiences and results that contributes to the outcomes set, as well as outcomes that contributes to our collective future.

She has through her facilitation of National Urban Conference and South African Cities network related events illustrated her ability to work with small and big, local and international groups. Her knowledge of the South African local, national and built-environment governance space is incredible, infused with her experience as Councillor in the City of Joburg.

I had the privilege of also having worked with The Barefoot Facilitator in designing, creating, planning and facilitating the “I Wish I Knew” event for the South African Planning Education Research project (managed by the University of Free State and the University of Birmingham).

In this context Rehana could not facilitate the event due to international facilitation commitments. However, given her levels of expertise and excellence, she was able to (1) facilitate a process for our team (from diverse institutions and backgrounds) to design the session in a highly innovative way, (2) equip our team with the skills, confidence, experience to actively manage and facilitate the session in a way that not only added value to the project outcomes, but to the wide range of participants in the event. She supported us with creating an event that is in integrity with the outcomes, with attention to every detail from logistics, to space to timing, to team work, to preparation sessions and even in convincing other facilitators to participate in co-creating the event in an inclusive way.

Rehana and The Barefoot Facilitator is not just a facilitator of an event, but much rather a of a high impact experience, who also becomes an active leader and collaborative innovator in the design of the process and experience from conceptualization to implementation and reporting.

I will gladly recommend her services

Kind regards

Elsona van Huyssteen
14 September 2021

Urban Regional Dynamics
CSIR, Smart Places