Rehana was the first guest on a brand new programme on ITV called “Let’s Talk” – hosted by Julie Alli. The women’s programme made it’s debut on Wednesday, 23 February 2016.

Julie chatted to Rehana about her life journey, the challenges she has faced and the strides she has made in life, career and personal development.

Rehana was both humbled and honoured to be the first guest on a show that is dedicated to inspiring women through sharing and heart-to-heart conversation.

Julie Alli is a stalwart in broadcasting – having been the first woman presenter on Radio Truro. Many know Julie’s voice from her radio programmes on The Voice and more recently Channel Islam International. Those who love Julie’s radio persona, were really excited to get to meet the face behind the voice.

Rehana’s wish for Julie and “Let’s Talk” is that through the medium of television and this show, women are able to find their authentic voices, their individual passion and deepen their connection to their Creator.

Also, that with Julie’s passion for empowering others that “Let’s Talk” showcases the many phenomenal women who are doing amazing work in a variety of fields and viewers are then exposed to new world views, inspired to take action and make their unique contribution.