Saffron – an aesthetically beautiful book that gives voice to Muslim women and their stories was launched on 8 April 2018.

Rehana’s ” A letter to my daughter” was amongst 56 narratives collated and edited by Dr Zaheera Jina and published by African Perspectives.

” Zaheera’s desire to have Muslim women share their multi-layered complexities whilst giving food for thought to readers is something that must be commended “, said Rehana.

Rehana was one of four contributors to the book on a panel in conversation with Ayesha Kajee at the launch of Saffron.

“It is wonderful that Dr Zaheera Jina always finds a way to give back to the community. Her support from previous publications to NISAA and with Saffron the Caring Women’s Forum are testimony to Zaheera’s love for community. Dr Jina has been the energy source and initiator of the highly acclaimed and successful Jozi Books and Blogs Festival.” said Rehana.

Rehana’s letter written in 2016 is a deeply reflective and personal piece on the ability to work through pain and the limitations of human relationships. The source of solace and healing is in the remembrance of God/Allah.