Rehana was a moderator at Mobilize 2020 which is a global event hosted by the Institute for Transport Development Policy.

The title of the session Rehana moderated was “Dismantling Racist Practices in Mobility” – in conversation with Professor Julian Ageyman from TUFTS University, Paola Castaneda a doctoral candidate in transport Studies from the University of Oxford and Daniel Teixeira from the Research Centre on Labour Relations and Inequalities in Sao Paolo.

The discussion included issues of Urban Planning as racist in orientation, identity and social justice as well as global racism as experienced in mobility – especially time use, money spent and spatial dislocation.

The session was a firm call for the courage to continue the struggle for social justice in mobility and place-making and for more participatory and inclusionary practices.

The winner off the Mobilize Sustainable Transport Award 2030 is Pune in India.