Who did A.P.T.A (American Public Transport Association) ask to follow Tom Peters and Malcom Gladwell as the guest speaker at their 2012 AGM in Seattle? Answer : Rehana Moosajee

Rehana Moosajee is on a journey to allow her authentic light to shine. In the process she has experienced remarkable joy and connection but has also faced threats, pain and suffering. From her life experiences, she has a vast repertoire of stories to tell. Stories of people and events that have shaped her life and decision-making processes. Her sharing comes from the heart and will inspire you to find your authentic voice, live your life with passion and celebrate your unique contribution.

She has been invited to a number of speaking engagements on her experiences in leading the Rea Vaya project from idea to implementation. This project revolutionised urban transport in South Africa and as such has seen her invited to various events globally just to share this story on leadership and communication.


Rehana will tailor the interaction according to your theme.