Across the globe many individuals / organisations / companies are grappling with issues of low productivity, low-morale and burnout. Your company has a vision / mission / strategy but your staff on a daily basis are not displaying behaviour consistent with what is contained in these documents. High staff turnover, a sense of people being disconnected from each other, a feeling of people who are not fully engaged in what they are getting paid to do and clients who don’t believe your company is living up to their expectations.

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Is it possible to ignite transformation in a workplace where people display the above behaviours?

The answer is a categorical YES!

… and it just takes 5 simple steps….which we will facilitate for you.

  1. The relevant people in your company / organisation accept and take ownership of the problem.   
  2. Set up a meeting with Rehana Moosajee Consulting so we get a better understanding of the issues you/ your company is facing.
  3. We will propose innovative, creative and experiential interventions to address the issues that are most important to your company.
  4. You decide which components of the proposal should be implemented.
  5. We begin the journey of truly transforming your company / organisation so that every person realises their potential and your company / organisation benefits from diversity, understanding stakeholders and a highly engaged workforce.