Tuesday 30 August saw an exciting collaborative event designed by Rehana Moosajee and Dino Badroodin the originator of the Fordsburg Square. The pair hosted a group from Investec who were part of a Gordon Institute of Business Science, Centre for Leadership and Dialogue Programme. The Istanbul Kebab train restaurant provides a fitting venue for an exciting event and the delegates truly enjoyed the food.

What made the event interesting was Rehana and Dino’s personal sharing of Fietas forced removals, their reminiscing during the walking tour – which included taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the square, the Oriental Plaza and the area in general.

Delegates were enchanted by the variety of cuisine, the historic buildings, the varied and rich identities of urban migrants. The team also stopped at sites important for community history and memory – Bree Street school, Solly’s corner and a walk down memory lane when remembering what an event going to the movies was – whether at Lyric, Majestic, Avalon or Planet cinemas.

For Rehana and Dino it was an opportunity to showcase their respective passion for people, place and potential.

Fordsburg is certainly a space in flux and the Investec/ GIBS delegation were keen to learn more about an area that some had visited before, others knew from afar or had never visited.

Rehana and Dino are looking forward to conducting similar experiential events for other groups.