Tales of Travel: Stories of Creativity & Inspiration


Rehana Moosajee’s keynote address to the packed Roshgold 30th anniversaryannual meeting stirred the audience into action. She captured attention after the dinner break, eased into her talk and weaved her audience into her narrative with stories on creativity and inspiration. It was simple yet stimulating as she shared some
lovely tales from her travels.

She congratulated Roshgold on the milestone achievement and paid a compliment stating Roshgold was not only focussing on creating wealth but also on growing
people and the community.

Her interaction with the African Centre for Cities Advisory Board impressed upon her the important role of cities in shaping the future. There were opportunities in the area of urban development and meaningful private/public partnerships are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities as local authorities are challenged to
meet the growing needs of a rapidly increasing urban population.

She then referred to a talk Michael Lalor of Ernst Young Africa had given at a recent CBE dinner. It made her reflect on the sentiment that Africa is a continent of
opportunities. She could relate to the Africa Rising narrative as well as the importance of understanding the nuances of doing business in Africa . She concluded
Africa is not for sissies…

The audience was engrossed with her experiences on a trip to Boston where she presented to the Boston Society of Architects. She explained about the Barr Foundation;
a family foundation that takes a keen interest in issues of social cohesion and urban development. It was common in the America for private sector to commission its own research in an effort to influence government policy in the direction of more just outcomes as well as value for money investments. She challenged; “What is the
potential of setting up family foundations in SA?” There are no shortage of issues to be tackled and this presented opportunities for the establishment of family foundations to contribute to the upliftment of the country.

She then shared her learning from a trip to the Association of Children’s Museum Conference in Phoenix, Arizona where Tom Kelly, a Lecturer at IDEO Stanford University
was the keynote speaker. He advocated encouraging multi-disciplinary approaches, creativity, confidence and empathy in dealing with the many challenges society
faces globally. She cited the example of neo natal deaths in Asia and the outcomes attained through designing creative and innovative solutions.

She discussed her trip to Gyan Sarovar’s, Academy for a Better World and their Spiritual University Campus. It is a Peace of Mind Retreat and she was introduced to
the power of silence. She found it interesting that people from differing backgrounds and faiths come to serve others for the pleasure of God.

Mrs Moosajee undertook an interfaith, intercultural trip to Turkey that took her to Istanbul, Gazianterp, Kayceri and Cappodocia. There were important lessons that could be drawn from the Turkish community. She got insight into their ability to network in the corridors of power whilst walking the dusty streets of townships and identifying and recognizing inspirational individuals. In South Africa some of these were recognized at the recent South African Turkish Business Awards: SATBA. Many locals do see the need to network and build relationships and miss opportunities in building goodwill with the broader community.

She asked; “Our country and community face many challenges. We are relatively advantaged. Will we continuously criticize and moan or can we put our wealth, skills and talent forward for the betterment of society?” Two examples were presented to the audience. Tholwana Mogome was the first to bring Ted Talks Vanderbijlpark to the Vaal Triangle with the assistance of many people connected to Roshgold. She also spoke of the input from Nature’s Source on the power of kindness and the opportunities that abound at every turn to serve fellow human beings. She quoted Mother Teresa “ We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. “Can we be of service to God through service to humanity?” questioned Ms. Moosajee

Editors comment: The lively question and answer session that followed confirmed the relevance of the keynote address to the Roshgold community. The need for family
foundations, the disinterest of government and types of foundations were addressed in earnest. Rehana was also engaged by many delegates on the way forward. It was
encouraging to witness volunteers who want to become involved and make a difference.