Rehana was invited to be a panelist discussing The Future of Work which was hosted by Uber in Rosebank on 17 May.


NOBODY could say they knew exactly what the future of work looked like because it was a moving target, chairperson of Productivity SA Professor Mthunzi Mdwaba told an Uber Future of Work round table held on Tuesday.

Mdwaba said no one could say they knew what it looked like because it did not have a window or door that one could use to step in or step out. “People must not forget that Africa is different. Asia, Latin America, Europe and the USA are different and, for this reason, we cannot speak, on a generic level, for everybody without having their experience,” Mdwaba said.

The founder and owner of The Barefoot Facilitator, Rehana Moosajee, said it could well be that the future of work becomes screen-based with no access to the natural environment and people got increasingly cut off from others and themselves and nature.

“All of this could be problematic because it is new and we do not understand what the implications are. Whilst it moves very fast and whilst it has quickened its pace, we need to remember that we are talking about human beings,” Moosajee said.

She said Covid-19 had also caused many people to re-evaluate what it was they valued in life as some were making decisions that they would not have thought pre-Covid. “We call for the future of work to be cognisant of the youthful population we have in the continent but to also be cognisant when people are disconnected from themselves, each other and the environment, the notion of climate change and what it will mean for humanity, the sense of increased pressure on all parts of the environment and what it will take to navigate the increasingly uncertain future.”

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